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Gasm is an open, anonymous community built on honest, informed discussion about pleasure and human sexuality.

Join our network of experts, explorers, and everyday people! Feel free to ask questions, or chime in on discussions about sex, relationships, and health.

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Team Gasm.org

Jamye Waxman
Chief Gasm Officer

As an amazing connector and well-known educator, author, and lecturer in the field of human sexuality and relationships Jamye brings a wealth of knowledge to content curation and development.

Stephanie Salyers
Sensuality Stylist

Sourcing the globe for pleasurable goodies, Stephanie believes that all people have the right to know and enjoy their sensuality.

Roger McNulty
Business Development & Founder

Roger created the gasm.org brand as a vehicle to mainstream healthy dialogue around pleasure, sexual health & wellbeing. He is passionate about developing a hub where the best in pleasure come together to learn, share, and explore.

Kimberly Tronolone
Pleasure Investigator

While attending Hampshire College Kimberly chose to study both the science and psychology behind sexual pleasure. Having spent the better part of her undergrad career researching in this field she has cultivated a true passion for, and wealth of knowledge in, sexuality, pleasure, and personal exploration.

Peter Gorman
Visual Director

As a highly acclaimed photographer and author Peter brings a great eye for detail and style. Having published over 4 books his work has been featured in countless anthologies and publications.

David Hackett
Chief Marketing Officer
& Co Founder

Living and working in various corners of the globe has allowed Dave to explore life's many pleasures. The pursuit of happiness has become a guiding light and from here the seed of gasm.org has sprung to life.