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There’s a Tumblr Where Women Explain How to Make Them Come
Ever wish that women would just give you a play-by-play of what they want from sex? Or tell you, honestly, what they desire? Well, your wish has...
Merry XXXmas: Five Sex-Related Santa Cartoons
It’s the most wonderful time of the year at Gasm.org — mostly because it gives us an excuse to covet some pervy Christmas cheer. Last year, we were...
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The Power of Sex
Finding Pandora re-opened the box to one woman’s first time. That’s where Christan Marashio learned about the power sex. I’m a rather newish convert to Pandora. For those of...
10 Sex Moves That Most Women Hate
Because we live in a culture that’s ambushed by acrobatic pornography and unrealistic depictions of sex, it’s no surprise that so many men are totally eating it (not in...
Banana-Penis05 by gedavez
For the Love of Penis
It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and we just wanted to share how thankful we are for one of the things that make us smile. We’re talking dick, lots o’...
This Woman Shares Her Happy Abortion Story
In a world where the Pope says we need to “forgive” women for their abortions and a society that still fights women’s rights to use birth control — it’s...